Day 38 - Hope, Inspiration and Video Conversion

The most interesting part of today was taking some time from work to meet up with a friend. She was talking to me about how she felt her dream of going into marketing and pr was becoming not existent. I was trying to figure out why she felt this way and she said that she was waiting for something to come up. And there was the problem; it is rare in life for anything to just fall in your lap. A lot of the time you have to work with what you have and take small steps each day. Progress is a slow process and nothing is an overnight success. Further more, if things just fall in your lap, can you really look back and appreciate it?

I live by this saying: Fate is something one creates

I ended up give her some starting points such as going to networking groups for marketing and meeting people. Or start doing businesses’ blog, Twitter, and Facebook updates. Even try to find a mentor and that can guide her a path to achieving her dream. I felt she took a real positive message from it and will make a change from it.

But everything in life takes time. Some background on ProdigyView, I started the framework almost 2 years ago. And it has evolved over the past 2 years, evolved with the web requirements and evolved with my skill. There were time periods (months) where I didn’t work on it and time periods where it was all I worked on. Making PV has been at times both mentally and emotionally draining. It wasn’t until recently that I felt like making it publicly available. Point being, it took time and many small steps to get it where it is today.

Honestly, I am not concerned if only 1 person uses it or a million people use it. I shot for the stars and no matter happens, I will at very least land on a cloud(that quote is NOT originally by Kanye West). What I mean by this is the amount of skills, experience, knowledge, insight, wisdom if you can call it that, that I gained from building the framework is invaluable. I mean invaluable to the point where I can just about take it anywhere and do anything with it. So I hope those that read my blog can at times feel inspired where they can do anything. I hope that it brightens someone’s day somewhere and they can feed off of my positive energy. I hope it can give someone a path, just like how it helped my friend get on her path to follow her dream.

Anyway today’s two tutorial was on video conversion using ffpmeg. The first video was on purely on ffmpeg program. The second tutorial is a wrapper for the ffmpeg using the PVVideo class. The tutorials will teach you a variety of things such as changing video aspect, adding video padding, taking video snippets, and creating images from video.

FFMPEG Tutorial:

Video Conversion:

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