Day 58 - Image Scaling and Watermarking and Security

For the first time since I started, I’ve released 3 tutorials in one day. I generally do not combine two completely unrelated tutorials in the same day, but since time is short, I don’t have much of a choice. The first tutorial was on image scaling and watermarking, the second on hashing a user’s password information, and the third on using PVSecurity::checkAuth method.

The most interesting/useful tutorial was the second one. It wasn’t related to ProdigyView but was about securely storing a user’s sensitive information. I’ve had numerous occasions where I came across a project and the user’s sensitive information(password) was in the database in plain text. Yes, a recipe for a disaster later. It also goes into how to break an MD5 hash. Using Google, it is very easy to decrypt a password that has been MD5 hashed. And the last part of the tutorial goes into making a salt with MD5 or PHP’s crypt function. It is a very useful read for PHP programmers in general.

The watermarking tutorials explains how to create watermark on image with both an another image or just text. It’s very easy for a site to create their own custom watermarks. It also shows how to scale an image to effectively make useful smaller versions such as thumbnails.

The third tutorial takes the concepts from the tutorial on hashing and implements it in ProdigyView with an option to decrypt certain information. It hooks up to table or if you are using Mongo, to a collection in the database and makes authenticating a user’s credentials seamless. Tomorrow is Day 59, and I will be getting into applications and plug-ins.

Watermarks and Scaling:

Hash Information Correctly:


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